I play this game on my phone called Ingress which is kind of like competitive geocaching and there are two opposing teams. In Lawrence, everyone is friendly and the two teams get along quite well (and this is true in many other areas).

Anyway, I pissed off a new player by attacking his stuff (which is the point of the game) and he called me a “douche bag” on the public chat, which has set off a mini drama with both sides telling him to cool it and him being a dick about it.

But the best part is, in the initial insult, “douche bag” autocorrected to “double bags” and for a few minutes until I figured it out, I was like why the fuck is someone calling me a double bag??

The word “girl” can be tricky.

How to call someone “girl” without seeming like a raging sexist. (via washingtonpost)


update: I actually read this article and it’s awful. It talks a bit about the etymology of “girl”, and about “gal” and “grrl” as alternatives. To me, the article defends the use of “girl” by a female blogger who uses the monicker Grammar Girl. [side note: the article points out you should never use “female” to describe a profession, unless you’d do the same with “male”, which I complately agree with, but I am using it to specify here.]

The answer to “how to call someone girl…” is that you can’t. Unless she’s actually girl aged (under 18? under 16? under 14? there’s no clear line). To be fair, if someone of any age likes, or prefers, or enjoys being called girl, that’s totally fine, but no one (particularly anyone of power) should assume an adult woman should be called “girl”.



I had a great time at the Firefly show this weekend!  Above are the four designs I submitted for the themed card deck they sold at the show, and the two final designs that were picked.  Since I have all the pieces scanned already I’d like to print up an actual paper doll to potentially sell!

If you’re interested in purchasing a deck, please contact 2sketchydames.

Jessie these are fuckin’ awesome!